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Definitely an indispensable institution in the old town...
The first address for lovers of pork in the Rhineland.
Simply juicy and crispy pork roast buns.

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in the Rhineland

The first rule of a great kitchen? Always know where your supplies come from. We make sure: Only the ingredients our chef inspected and nodded through in person end up on your plates. Each of our dishes is full of our craftsmanship and even more love of really good food. That’s something you don’t just see, but you can smell and taste it as well.

Meat and vegetables from local farms

Meat and vegetables from local farms

We focus on premium, locally bred meat and domestic vegetables like carrots or parsley root, are very close to our local farmers and prefer short delivery routes. This way we make sure to work environmentally friendly and to support our local farmers.



To go? Happy to! Instead of producing unnecessary plastic waste, we only use completely biodegradable packaging and save resources. No matter if it’s a pork roast bun or a mixed grill to go: You can hit the road with a clear conscience.

Sauces after a traditional recipe

Sauces after a traditional recipe

We don’t do things by halves, especially not our sauces. Our well-kept home recipes for our sauces and dips are mixed without any additives and flavour enhancers. From our classic Janes’ ketchup to our light herbal cream to the typical Düsseldorf Altbier sauce.


Pork roast (great with kraut) in a potato bun with mustard cream & crunch

Düssel­dorfer Jung

Pork roast in a bun with coleslaw, mustard cream & crunch

Jeschmortes Jemös

Pot-roasted local root vegetables with crème fraîche dip and red cabbage

Läwerkäs em Brötche

Leberkäse, pretzel roll. Great with coleslaw and mustard cream

Ferkeshax met Brodkartoffeln

Pig knuckles with Altbier (top-fermented dark beer) sauce, roast potatoes & coleslaw

Ne Italjäner

Pork roast, smoked mozarella in a potatoe bun with roasted pine nuts and pesto-bbq sauce.

Jezoppte Flattermann

Pulled chicken out of the smoker with salad and herb cream


Pork roast with Altbier (top-fermented dark beer) sauce, roast potatoes & coleslaw

Meat is your

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