We barbecue, you stay home!

Even though you stay at home we will continue to have a barbecue for you! Enjoy our take away (Pempelfort only) service or delivery in cooperation with Lieferando.

Times: 12 - 19 Uhr | Phone: 0211 158 631 63

Your Janes-Team

Lieferando Take-Away
Schweine Janes

The four most beautiful words?
the barbecue is on!

The new Janes

A second Schweine Janes? We still have to get used to it, too. But since we have 49 years of tradition and Old Town experience, we’re sure to find our way around the Nordstraße – we promise! Naturally, our new restaurant is a traditional rotisserie grill. And of course, we brought our classics, from our pork roast buns to our mixed grills, to Pempelfort. It’s a cozy place, without any fancy stuff. Simply typically Janes.

Address Nordstraße 89
40215 Düsseldorf
Reserve Possible from 5 persons up:
Delivery service Order using:
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Welcome to our grill bar

I barbecue
whenever I want to!

We’re looking for new members of staff to support our team regularly.
Become a part of the Schweine Janes team!